Testing Renault Trafic Piezo Injectors

By tommy, 24 August, 2021

Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic and Nissan Primastar vans fitted with the 2.0L M9R engine between 2007 & 2010 regularly suffer from Injector related problems, this is quite often due to a problem with water leaking past the metal scuttle panel which can result in damage to the electrical part of the injector. After carrying out any injector repairs or replacement it is advised to seal the scuttle panel to prevent any further water ingress.

Injector faults on these vehicles can have symptoms ranging from a slight misfire and loss of power to a complete engine shut down, there will often be fault codes stored in the on-board diagnostic system.

Some of the fault codes you may find are:

  • P0201 - Injector 1 circuit malfunction
  • P0202 - Injector 2 circuit malfunction
  • P0203 - Injector 3 circuit malfunction
  • P0204 - Injector 4 circuit malfunction
  • P2146 - Injector Group A, Supply Voltage, Open Circuit
  • P2149 - Injector Group B, Supply Voltage, Open Circuit

These codes can be as a result of faults with the Wiring, Injector or PCM.

Testing Procedures

Although it is most often the actual injectors that are faulty on this engine, we would always recommend that you do not rely on the fault code alone and suggest you carry out further testing to confirm the actual fault before fitting any parts.

One simple test that can be carried out is to check the injector resistance.

  1. Test the resistance between both pins of the injector, you should get a reading between 150 K Ohms and 210 K Ohms.
  2. Test between each individual pin and ground, you should get a reading of Open Circuit.

Any readings outside these specifications would indicate a faulty injector.

Important Notes

  1. You should never disconnect a Piezo injector with the ignition switched on or the engine running (serious engine damage may occur)
  2. Cylinder number 1 on this engine is located at the timing chain end