Second Hand Electronic Modules

By tommy, 4 November, 2023

With the recent chip shortage having had an impact on automotive parts availability and cost, many people have been turning towards second hand modules and control units to help keep their vehicles on the road.

Unfortunately it is not usually as simple as buying a salvage module and fitting it to the vehicle, most modern automotive electronic components are programmed to the specific vehicle and are locked against being reused to help prevent theft etc. 

Depending on the vehicle and the component being fitted there are a number of options that does allow the reuse of these components. It may be a case of adjusting the VIN stored within the component to match the new vehicle VIN. Sometimes it may be necessary to copy the complete memory of the old component into the new component, this is referred to as cloning, another option is to reset the module to a factory state allowing the used module to be programmed to the vehicle as if it was a new module. 

We have the ability to carry out resets, VIN adjustments, configurations & cloning of various modules allowing you to fit legitimate salvaged components to your vehicle.