Injector Removal Tools

By tommy, 24 August, 2021

There are a number of different types of tools available for removing seized injectors.

  • Sliding hammers
  • Manufacturers special tools
  • Manual type pullers
  • Hydraulic puller
  • Vibration type equipment

One of the most important aspects of any injector removal tool is the quality of the material it is made from. If you buy a cheap tool, it is unlikely that it will withstand the forces required to remove most injectors and is likely to damage either the injector or engine.

We have used most of these different types of injector removal tools and the following will give a brief outline of the benefits and restrictions of each type.

Sliding Hammers

These can range from small hammers weighing less than 1Kg to large hammers weighing around 8Kg. One of the most important things when using a sliding hammer is to only use high quality injector adapters, this will reduce the risk of the injector threads becoming damaged. It is also very important to ensure that the force is applied straight in line with the injector otherwise there is a high risk of bending and snapping the injector.

Manufacturers Special Tools

Most manufacturers have some form of special tool for removing injectors, these are generally of the Manual Puller type. One of the most common manufacturers tools that we see people using is the Renault Injector Removal Tool MOT1966. If you do borrow or purchase a manufacturers special tool, it is important to also obtain a copy of the correct instructions for using the tool. We regularly see injectors damaged from incorrect use of manufacturers tools and equipment.

Manual Pullers

There are a variety of different manual pullers available to buy, again one of the most important aspects of using this type of puller is the quality of the tool, a poor quality tool is likely to break resulting in damage or injury. A good quality manual puller will apply a considerable amount of force and although it will not remove all injectors that are seized, they will generally remove some.

Hydraulic Pullers

This type of equipment is generally what most specialist injector removal companies will use. Hydraulic type injector pullers use adapters that screws into the injector and some form of support bridge that supports the hydraulic ram. As hydraulic pressure is applied the ram moves and pulls on the injector with forces of up to 20 Tonnes. Due to the cost of this equipment it is generally not practical for most garages to buy it and most will call out a specialist as required.

Vibration Type Equipment

This type of equipment is a mixture between a manual type puller and an air operated vibration tool. The principle is that as force is applied using the manual puller, the injector is vibrated using the special vibration gun. The vibrations along with penetrating oil around the injector are believed to make removal easier.

In most cases it is probably not cost effective to buy the quality of equipment that is needed to remove badly seized injectors, using an specialist Injector Removal service will probably be cheaper and less stressful in the long run as they are more likely to have high quality equipment that will give the best chance of removal.